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  • Super Soft (0020): Ultra-flexible and gentle, perfect for those who prefer minimal resistance.
  • Soft (0035): Comfortably soft with enough structure for a satisfying experience.
  • Medium (A03): A great balance of softness and firm support for versatile use.
  • Firm (A15): Solid and robust, ideal for those seeking intense stimulation.
  • Split Firmness: Combines different firmness levels in one toy for a dynamic experience.
  • Dual Density: Features a firm core with a soft exterior, mimicking the realistic feel of human tissue.

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- Firmness Options: Soft, Medium, Firm
- Anal Use Not Recommended
- Available Custom Options: Multiple Colour Options, Drip Effect, Glow in the Dark, Vac-U-Lock
- Additional Features: Double Suction cup Compatible.
- Care Instructions: Easy to clean with soap and water, dishwasher safe, boilable.
- Warranty: Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

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Crack open a cold one; you’ve earned it! You had to sit and listen to your annoying coworkers drone on about work and how much they hate it. All you want to do is forget about the nonsense for a while. This beer will give you just the buzz you need to get to where you’re going. The long slim bottle really hits the spot; not too thick or thin, it’s just right!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The beer bottle was swallowed up the asshole.

my asshole loves beer bottles
This is because I was able to swallow the head and bottom easily and become intoxicated with pleasure.
Glass bottles are dangerous, but with this advanced liquid silicone fake beer bottle
Because you can enjoy it with peace of mind
My partner also looked at me with surprise and admiration.
Make it a real beer bottle by painting the Phreak beer brand logo on it.