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Why Phreak.Club?

Well, we loved the idea of bringing something different and unusual to the market and so that is what we will continually strive to do.

Historically, “freak” has referred to a person with a striking or unusual appearance, which we hope you would agree applies to our toys too! Who wouldn’t want a freaky phallus to love, hey?

And that is how PHREAK  was born!
‘Ph’ for phallus and ‘reak’ from freak to show we are proud to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Who are we? is an independent adult toy maker situated in the heart of Yorkshire. We make high quality adult toys using the finest platinum grade silicone that is specially manufactured to meet our specifications. All of our toys ae imagined, designed and handcrafted by our own skilled team at

We are proud of every product we make and strive to ensure that each product is perfect before it leaves our shop. We simply don’t deal in imperfections.

We hope you love our range just as much as we do and please know that we are always happy to help. Just drop us an email to and we will be happy to chat.

The ‘Freak’ behind Phreak (pun most definitely intended)

Alex, the founder and CEO of, left school and went to study Mechanical Engineering at Teeside University. After completing his dissertation in aerospace engineering, he gained his degree with Honors.
When he left university, naturally he went into business removing tree stumps. Clearly this was not meant to be, so Alex moved on to pursue his career elsewhere.
It was whilst building ‘flat-pack’ homes that Alex had his light-bulb moment. He wanted to be his own boss and so he started his own business – – in 2018.
The world of fantasy adult toys has been quite limited for sometime now, so Alex decided he wanted to change that.

At we have a vision. We want our toys to take centre stage in everyone’s sex lives. We want the topic of sex and kinks to be a welcoming one, free from shame and judgement. We want to build a community of sex-positive ‘Phreaks’ and we welcome you all to join us on our journey!

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