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The most we could do

😋 This one's the realistic superlative of our collection. It's a LOT. But while the taper of it is pretty extreme, the curves are very gentle and none of it is ouchy.

If you're challenging yourself with size (it's suitable for that if you go slow), I'd strongly recommend the soft shaft with firm base. That'd probably be my recommendation for anyone unless you're going firmer and really modest on size.
Given that soft here is medium for many other makers, the risk of being underwhelmed is less likely than the opposite. You'll really like the texture, no matter who you are or how you use it -- you will feel the bumps, and they are really exciting. It feels good just to rub against, and we're not a sensitive couple. It's.. paralyzingly intense when it's in. So if over-stim is a thing for you (as it is for me) I think you'd like it. If you're just adding a little spice, I think you'll find the shape to be... How should I put it? I think I'd say it's perfect. You'll have a lot of fun.

Oh, and the quality is exquisite, even on the flop I ordered. Phreak apparently has exceedingly high standards

Brutus - Large, Soft
Nicholas Miles
Great shaped toys. Love my gnome

Great shaped products. They just hit different and can feel every part of them.

Very comfortable

I ordered the strawberry XS plug in soft and I am thrilled with the purchase. It is very comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time. Additionally, the surface texture is delightful- subtle but very pleasant.


The plug arrived as a free bonus with my order, which was a great surprise. The firmness / texture is perfect and the colouration is cute, it has easily become one of my favourites!

Beer - One Size, Soft, Glow in the Dark


Banana - Large, Soft
Nice toy, even as a gag display piece

Lovely design & pour, enjoying the soft firmness, surface texture and the suction cup on the base. Wish it came one size up ;)

Lenea The Destroyer

Ordered a large in dual density. I dont think I'd order another toy without dual density, it's perfect. The right amount give in it without it bending all over the place.

The toy itself is incredible. Most other girthy implements I own require a lot of warm up. The shape, texture and firmness allow for this to be the warm up and the main event. I would not have wasted money on bad toys had I known of Phreak sooner.

I recommended you buy this and absolutely rearrange yourself.

So soft and shiny!!

My partner loves this toy! And the galaxy finish is to die for!! Xxx

Joshua Wall
Phreak review best toy ever

Can't fault the team at all
Quick delivery and amazing customer service
Absolutely brilliant

Dutch loving

Ordered large in soft firmness. Medium firmness may have been better for me, as wrestling this thing lubed up was a challenge in its own right. However, when wishing to put a 9"x9" silicon tentacle plug inside me, I aired on the side of flexible.

Lost most of my afternoon to this. I plan on losing more afternoons in future. Feels great, is a challenge to take it and once I did was basically in a fugue state. More toys like this, please!

Absolutely perfect

Trophy sized, medium firm.

Fantastic toy, one of my favourites. Mastering the knot will take some practice, but the angle is everything I need. Medium firm is ideal for this design. The surprise colouring was excellent, absolutely can't fault it. 10/10

And customer service is spot on.

Love this Egg!!!

It fills me up just the way I want so comfortable every one working on stretching should have one it’s a game changer thank you so much!!!

Dragon Egg - Small, Soft

I looooove my dragon egg! 🐉
Great for self pleasure & kegal training simultaneously. The feeling if fullness is dreamy. Firm favourite, I’ve already bought a second & keen for a third!

Brutus, Extra Small, Medium
Love at first sight

Beloved baby brute <3 my first phreak purchase & I couldn’t be happier. Even at the smallest size this toy feels fab! And the colours & pour on this are just divine ✨

Carrot - Small, Soft Shaft/Firm Base
Amazing "little" carrot

Don't let the "small" label fool you - this sucker and it's small details rub all the right places. Unlike products from other places, the taper on these makes them super easy to get started, and the slow increase in diameter is great for a nice painfree stretch.

Absolutely amazing!

Can’t fault it, really beautiful colour and the design is just like the photos. I will definitely be buying from Phreak again. The packaging is very discreet and I got some sweets too, which was a nice surprise,


Absolutely the nicest feeling toy I own. I thought the spiked head might hurt, they're absolute bliss. The only thing I'd do differently next time is get it medium firm or dual density, as I ordered the medium size and is quite fiddly. But when it's in, it's in. Worth the money, if you want a lush feeling monstrous toy in you, but this.


This is a fantastic stroker.

I've always had one of two main issues with similarly products. They've either been uncomfortablely tight and end up tearing, or clean up was a hassle.

This one however, feels great, is easy to clean. It isn't some overly large sleave that takes up a a bunch of room.

Would highly recommend.

Eggcellent quality

I enjoy using eggs as a kegal device , and as toys , they are useful as discrete on the go naughtiness , usually…. This King of Eggs (large size) is almost average easter egg size!!
So pretty with its easter costume (easter colour pour) and the sculpt is highly detailed whilst still feeling smooth overall (non aggressive texture) !
I’m going to grab a medium soft when one calls , and try for a supersoft custom of this size since my eyes have proven bigger XD
I love my small one ! So I’m aiming for the set !

Wine - Medium
Suitable quail
Wine Bottle

I really only wanted this toy just to add it to my collection of novelty toys, but it is definitely fun to use. Really gives you a full feeling!!!

Traffic Cone - Small, Soft, GITD
Suitable quail
The traffic Cone

I am so glad to have found this toy. I've definitely looked at traffic cones before and thought, wow that would be fun to use. It definitely is, lol. This toy is one of my favorites for stretching and has a little bit of texture but not to much that it is overwhelming and hurts.

Cola Can - One Size, Soft
Suitable quail
Cola Can

I have been wanting a cola can forever!!! It is so nice to have a safe alternative to the real thing, lol. This toy was a nice challenge to overcome come due to the girth and not having a tapered end. Definitely my go to for a satisfying time. Plus I really love taking pictures of other toys next to my cola can.

Lenea the destroyer

Lenea is an absolute behemoth!!! This toy can be alot of fun to use, just have to get used to the depth. I really like how girthy the lower end of this toy is compared to some of the other depth trainers I have used, it really enhances the pleasure.

Monster of a Toy

I absolutely love this novelty toy!!!! Especially because I might be addicted to drinking monster, lol. This toy was definitely a challenge at first, but eventually was able to overcome that.

Weaver - Customize
Suitable quail
Great product

Weaver is an awesome toy with alot of different ridges and textures. Definitely alot of fun to use!!!!!