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Good toy very filling great for stretching out


This one was a bit different. Starts out like a finger but end up like a fist. You get to easy into it warming up with a little then once you are ready take the whole thing and get stretched and filled with pleasure. Very unique and recommend.


This toy was bigger than I expected. I went for the medium. Did not think I could take it. But after warming up with the Dovah. I was then able to take this. Not all of it but most. The arch hits the sweet spot and feels amazing while also feeling satisfied full.


This was the most pleasurable toy I have owned. The ribs is what makes the magic.

Little slow on receiving the item but everything else was a smooth transition 😁

Larry, Medium, Soft - FLOP
Alana Grace Hardiman
I love Larry!!

A cheeky boy trussed up in rope!!

Currently use Larry to grind on due to his beautiful array of textures!

Size medium bigger than anticipated but cannot wait to work up to him!

Berries and Cream!

Gorgeous little plug!! Soft and squishy!! Very comfortable and a good companion to Dovah during playtime!!

Great quality

The silicone is excellent and little lubricant is needed. Great feeling

The best!

Absolutely lovely staff and the quality of the toys are incredible! I cannot wait to use them on my submissives. Thank you!

Brutus - Goliath, Soft, GITD, Suction Cup - FLOP (slight delamination of drip)
Amazing quality every time

Nothing but good things to say. The soft firmness is large toys is something I really enjoy. Love having great colourful toys!

Pawn - One Size, Soft, GITD

Great quality, unique, and fun designs.

Blown away by the strength.

I'd been meaning try a separate cup and these seemed good value.

I ended up reducing my initial size, so it'd be usable with more toys, but the suction is still incredible strong; the smallest can still easily suspend some heavy toys in large.

Carrot - Large, Soft
The best store for inconspicuous toys

I absolutely love Phreak toys, the quality is great and the designs are awesome for anyone looking to own incognito toys lol

Great toys, fantastic customer service

Love my beetlejuice Brutus, such a cool design. Very happy with it.
Also have to give huge thumbs up to Jess who helped me on emails. Fantastic customer service

Great toys, fantastic customer service

Very happy with my carrot. I got small firm with a suction cup stands up well.
Also have to give huge thumbs up to Jess who helped me on emails. Fantastic customer service

Screw - Large, Soft
Jamie Goeyvaerts
Great product!

Afraid the ridges of the screw would be a little too much, but the soft firmness makes it so that you can feel the ridges well enough and they don't hurt. But on the other hand they are still hard enough to actually be used to "screw" it in. Overall amazing, definitely would recommend.

Screw - Medium, Soft
I like screwing
A good screwing

The missus loved the unusual feeling of the screw rib
medium soft was actually not too soft when β€œin” .
Will be buying more here.


wonderful beast! the head is an extremely interesting feeling and the barbs definitely make themselves known without feeling bad. Guides you very smoothly into the thicker bits. 10/10

very good!

when I opened it was a bit smaller than I expected so I was a little worried, but it's a beast! I accidentally suctioned my hand even, haha. will definitely be back for a bigger size

Lenea - Large, Medium
Fab toy!

Packaging was discreet and wrapped nicely.

The toy itself is great, lovely and slender at the top but has the right girth, so it's quite versatile!

Only thing is I would recommend the softer version for this size, it was my first toy bought from here so the medium firmness is good for general use, softer will definitely be better if you want it to fit more 😏


Absolutely blown away with the quality of the goods I ordered even got some lollipops with it 100% gonna order again gotta collect those key rings and the toy itself it just a thing of art colours are epic.

Brutus - Extra Small, Medium, GITD
Tyler Blair
Amazing as Always!

I’ve never bought a bad toy from Phreak. They always seem to outdo themselves. Love being able to get unique toys at reasonable prices.

What a big boy!!

I bought a very bright and colourful Brutus in a size large, and boy is it large! The larger tip makes for a nice, satisfying β€˜pop’ once it’s in and the length is going to take some training for at such a huge girth πŸ˜…
I went for medium density but probably should’ve gone for soft as it’s firmer than expected, although the firmness is useful when forcing it in as it’s wiggling around a little less than softer toys often do.
Waited quite a while for delivery but what a beautiful beast! πŸ’—

Assorted Minis
Theodora R.
Great Stress Relief

I've now got 27 of these and that may seem extreme... And it is... But they're good fun! They litter my work-from-home desk and I use them as stress relief.
I'm going for a collection of one of each!
So far, I have at least one of all the No-Frills, one of most, and four traffic cones πŸ˜…
Here's a pic of a few I have in my collection, including my old gingerbread squishies from 2021!

Strawberry Plug - Large, Medium - FLOP
nathaniel youngblom
love the look

Great looking and the suprise when she opened the package was great would love to see more fun fruits