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Phreak Firmness Guide

1. Introduction
Welcome to Phreak Club's Sex Toy Firmness Guide. This guide will help you understand the different firmness options available for our fantasy sex toys and how they can enhance your pleasure. We offer a range of firmness levels to cater to individual preferences and desired sensations.

2. Firmness Scale
At Phreak Club, we use a firmness scale to categorize our products. This scale helps you choose a toy with the desired level of softness or firmness. Our firmness scale includes Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Firm, and Dual Density options, each offering unique characteristics and experiences.

3. Super Soft Firmness (Shore Hardness 0020)
- Description: Our Super Soft firmness is incredibly plush and has a low Shore hardness of 0020. It provides the utmost softness and flexibility, allowing for maximum squishiness and a gentle, cushioned texture.
- Ideal for: Those who desire an ultra-soft, lifelike feel or prefer a more forgiving and flexible experience during play.

4. Soft Firmness (Shore Hardness 0035)
- Description: Our Soft firmness offers a gentle and pliable texture with a Shore hardness of 0035. It provides a good balance between softness and firmness, offering flexibility and a satisfying give.
- Ideal for: Individuals seeking a softer texture that still retains some structure and stability, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

5. Medium Firmness (A05)
- Description: Our Medium firmness, classified as A05 on our scale, offers versatility and a pleasant blend of flexibility and stability. It provides a balance between softness and rigidity, allowing for enjoyable sensations and control during use.
- Ideal for: Those looking for a versatile option that offers both pliability and a moderate level of resistance, catering to a wide range of preferences.

6. Firm Firmness (A15)
- Description: Our Firm firmness, identified as A15, provides a sturdy and rigid texture. It offers less give and more resistance to pressure, allowing for precise control and intense stimulation.
- Ideal for: Individuals who prefer a more rigid and solid feel, seeking heightened sensations and stability during play.

7. Dual Density Firmness
- Description: Our Dual Density firmness combines the best of both worlds. It features a firm core for added stability and control, surrounded by a soft or super soft outer layer. This creates a realistic sensation with a firm interior and a plush, lifelike skin exterior.
- Ideal for: Those seeking a more realistic feel that mimics the texture and density of human anatomy, offering a satisfying combination of firmness and softness.

8. Choosing the Right Firmness
Choosing the right firmness level is a personal preference that can significantly impact your pleasure and overall experience. Consider factors such as desired flexibility, rigidity, and the sensations you wish to achieve. Experimenting with different firmness options can help you discover your preferences and perfect your playtime.

9. Additional Considerations
- Size: It's important to note that larger toys may feel firmer due to increased surface area and the need for structural integrity.
- Temperature Sensitivity: Different firmness levels can affect temperature sensitivity, with softer options typically providing a more noticeable temperature transfer during use.

10. Experiment and Explore
At Phreak Club, we encourage you to experiment and explore the various firmness options available. Each firmness level offers a unique experience, allowing you to tailor your pleasure to your specific desires and preferences.

Please note that the specific firmness options and descriptions mentioned above are based on the provided information and should reflect the products and terminology used by Phreak

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Firmness FAQ's

We highly suggest that first-time customers order one of our packs of Firmness Pucks so you can better understand how our material feels.

A good way to get the most out of your Firmness Pucks is to squeeze a sample in your hands, twist it, pull at it, check out the texture of the logo and how that feels in different firmnesses. It will help you decide what you like the feel of the most regarding how it squishes and moves.

We offer SoftMediumFirm and many combinations of these as firmness options on our dildos.

Soft (0040 – 0050 on the “00” shore hardness scale) is the most yielding firmness we have available for dildos. It compresses and bends very easily. Some models such as Dutch and the larger Brutus toys will have difficulty remaining upright on their own in this solid firmness.

Medium (A04 – A06 on the “A” shore hardness scale) is the middle ground of our firmness options. It’s somewhat more difficult to compress than Soft but does not bend as much on its own. Some models will still have difficulty standing on their own (due to top heaviness) but most are more stable than in Soft firmness.

Firm (A13 – A17 on the “A” shore hardness scale) is the hardest firmness that we have available. It is difficult to compress; it springs back to its original shape very quickly when bent and released. In general, it is very unyielding.

We have two other options called split firmness. This means that the shaft of the toy is cast in one single uniform firmness, but the base is cast in a different single uniform firmness. Availability of split firmness varies depending on the model of toy purchased – you can check a toy’s product page to see if it supports this option. We have two types of split firmness:

Medium Shaft/Firm Base – the shaft of the toy is made in Medium, with the base in Firm

Soft Shaft/Firm Base – the shaft of the toy is made in Soft, with the base in Firm

A good rule of thumb for selecting firmness is to look at proportions of toys if you are interested in them standing on their own. Models that have a very slender shaft or a large amount of space behind the knot usually will not stand on their own regardless of firmness.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the larger the size of a toy you order, the harder it will feel due to the volume of the toy! A small thin toy will always feel softer than its larger counterpart even if they are both the same firmness. The reverse is also true: the smaller the size of a toy, the softer it will feel.

One last tip is that the varying thickness on some toy models can make the firmness seem irregular. When you have less silicone in an area, it will always feel softer than an area that is very thick or dense.

Write a complete answer to the most frequent questions that your customers might have, such as important product information, shipping policies, payment issues or returns.

Write a complete answer to the most frequent questions that your customers might have, such as important product information, shipping policies, payment issues or returns.

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