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Discover Your Perfect Phreak Toy: A Beginner's Guide to Custom Pleasure

Written by: Ailsa Calla



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Here at Phreak, we have so many styles, colours and firmness options to suit anyone's appetite. We're here for beginners to pros and everyone in between. Not to mention the majority of toys have a flared base and are safe for butt stuff too, so everyone can use them.

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Beginner-Friendly Options

If this is your first foray into sex toys, we have plenty of beginner-friendly toys in both our fun and fantasy categories for you to choose from. This includes our OGs Lenea, Dovah, and Brutus. If our fun category is more your thing, how about Screw? Or the classic but tantalizing One, Two, or Three. For a playful touch, there's Carrot, Corn on the Cob, or the new and improved Banana. Each of these toys is satisfying without being too girthy. A personal favorite is One, which offers the perfect mix of smooth and ribbed textures.

Customizable Features

Every one of our toys is customizable to make them perfect for you. We offer up to six sizes from XS to trophy, with our medium averaging out at 23cm/8.6". For your first toy, perhaps try XS or S (all measurements are available in the product description).

Must Have Products For Beginners

Color and Firmness Choices

Each toy has its own colorway you can choose or Phreak's signature color of marbled baby pink and blue. For a more personal touch, we have an endless array of color options, including glow-in-the-dark and shimmer, to make your toy truly your own. Just send us an email to make your dream come to life. Feeling adventurous? Pick the mystery option and let us decide for you.

We offer a variety of firmness options available in our 100% body-safe silicone, ranging from super soft to firm. Split firmness combines different firmness in one toy, and dual density mimics the feel of human tissue. Not sure which option is best for you? Try our set of four firmness pucks to feel the difference and help you choose the best fit. These pucks also showcase our available color options.

"Absolutely amazing I’ve been waiting ages to grab the perfect medium soft egg to satisfy my small,medium,large “set”. This pride pour is perfect! I’m in complete adoration of the swirls and clouds of colour cast across the sculpt , and the details resound across the sizes , with this being no exception. I’m always impressed with Phreaks quality- I enjoy buying from them and one day I will have ALL the products XD"


Ready-to-Ship and Discounted Options

Can't wait for your toy to be made? No worries, we have a stocked inventory full of premade toys of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Perhaps try a flop, which is an imperfect but still perfectly usable toy at a discounted price.

Why Choose Phreak?

We are a family-run small business started in 2020. We pride ourselves on our high-quality products that represent our values. This is shown through our various awards, such as:

  • UK Fetish Awards - Best Fetish Shop 2022
  • Alt Porn Fan Favorite Sculpt - Dovah 2022
  • Alt Star Best Sex Toy - Lenea Depth Trainer 2023
  • Bazowie Fan Favorite Sci-Fi Toy - Weaver 2024
  • Bazowie Best Anime Toy - Lenea Depth Trainer 2022

Conclusion: Find Your Perfect Phreak Toy

Which Phreak toy will be your first? We ensure a perfect match for every customer, making the journey into sex toys enjoyable and personalized. Find your ideal toy today!