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  • Super Soft (0020): Ultra-flexible and gentle, perfect for those who prefer minimal resistance.
  • Soft (0035): Comfortably soft with enough structure for a satisfying experience.
  • Medium (A03): A great balance of softness and firm support for versatile use.
  • Firm (A15): Solid and robust, ideal for those seeking intense stimulation.
  • Split Firmness: Combines different firmness levels in one toy for a dynamic experience.
  • Dual Density: Features a firm core with a soft exterior, mimicking the realistic feel of human tissue.

- Firmness Options: Soft, Medium, Firm, (Split Firmness and Dual Density Available as custom)
- Anal Safe
- Available Custom Options: Multiple Colour Options, Drip Effect, Glow in the Dark, Integrated Suction Cup, Vac-U-Lock
- Additional Features: Harness compatible, Double Suction cup Compatible, Integrated Suction cup not included.
- Care Instructions: Easy to clean with soap and water, dishwasher safe, boilable.
- Warranty: Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

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Guaranteed to make you smile!

Our guarantee is to make you smile. We aim to make amazing toys that put a smile on your face. Not got a smile, get in touch and we'll turn that frown upside down! 😊

Dovah is a strong and powerful dragon who rides recklessly on the restless west wind. This enigmatic figure boasts all the strength of the Western Wind Dragon. A bold shaft with detailed ridges, angled for your pleasure, paired beautifully with his sharply tapered head, screams for your pleasure. Not to mention the extra detailing of the beaded studs along his front, elevated veins to the back and expansive knot at the base. Dovah will fulfill your every fantasy and take your very breath away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jon Andersen

Luckily I let you choose the color of my produkt and you chose mainly purple, which is my favorite color! And the product is fantastic as well.

robert daley

Bought items as a Christmas gift for my wife. She doesn’t get to try them out until Christmas. lol.

Great quality! Awesome design!

It was my first toy from Phreak Club and will definitely not be my last!
The quality, the design, the good customer experience … it’s all worth it.
So many options to choose from, it’s almost hard not to order a lot of different colors

Pretty good

Feels great ribbed bits make it so amazing no words really for that. However I was disappointed with myself for ordering the extra small as it’s a lot smaller than I’m used to