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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Simon Denning
Incredible ridges! Small/dual density

When we saw the Beetlejuice colours we knew we needed them on this toy! This is our first Phreak toy and they were really helpful with deciding on customisations and firmness.

We decided on a small/dual density with a suction cup and it does not disappoint. Despite being “small” the girth is perfect and those ridges are phenomenal! They give such an incredible sensation!

The suction cup works perfectly on bathroom tiles… but also sticks to pretty much every surface we’ve tried so far. Looking forward to using it more regularly!

Theodora R.
Tall, Dark, and Handsome

As always, the design and production of this Phreak toy is phenomenal. If you're looking for something with a heavy base, easy to ride, this is the one I'd recommend most.

A Monstrously good time

We first found a phreak brand toy (a medium soft minotaur) via another website, and it instantly became my partner's(F) favorite. We decided to check out the main the store, and settled on a Large Soft Dovah. When it arrived, we loved the packaging an goodies and the toy it self looked amazing, the colors (including the glow in the dark option) were so freakin' awesome. Needless to say she also loves our newest addition, it was certainly an extremely satisfactory addition to our collection, and we are looking forward to our next Phreaky toy!

Perfect lil baby!

Review's a bit late, but better late than never I guess :D

This shimmery little dovah was something I never expected to get from a sex toy shop. To say I'm thrilled to have something small enough that I can use (thanks vaginisismus, making my life difficult) is an understatement.

It's an XXS, pretty much halfway between an XS and the merchandise mini size. The Phreak staff were really helpful! They were happy to accomodate and make the custom mould for this, and I can't thank them enough! ❤️

This is easily my favourite toy for both practical AND aesthetic reasons. The colours are beautiful and so much better than I could've envisioned. The quality is—as always—extremely good. I'm a big fan of the ridged textures and the knot makes for a good challenge. The Dovah in general also has a nice flat base that works well for the strap-on harness.

Honestly, can't recommend this toy and store enough ✨

(Images are of the XXS fresh out of the packaging; then the mini, XXS and XS together like a happy little family)

Amazing quality, fast shipping

Beautiful products! Fast customer service!