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The Brutus

Brutus the Minotaur is a more familiar, yet formidable partner. Half man, half bull, he stands tall and firm with his bulbous shaft that will ensure that satisfying fullness feeling. Brutus is a smooth lover and his beautifully beaded head will caress you to climax in no time. This classic design would be a great addition to any toy-box. Can you take the bull by the horns and ride your way to satisfaction? Brutus really is a legendary lover and is sure to fulfil your every fantastical desire.

Ashton McDunnelA Gentlemanly Beast

Not a toy for the faint of heart or the tight of entrance.
Brutus needs you to be relaxed and ready before you bring him out to play. Once prepped, this patient beast will give you one heck of a ride. Those ridges around the head are sublime. Trust me.

secretsantalovely toy

got in extra small, the ridges will make you tremble with excitement and scream for more, you'll get an appetite for these deliciously naughty toys.

A.S.Hot! Recommended

Second time buying from Phreak and again not disappointed. Love the overall quality of the toy and its colours, but getting to the action with it is amazing. Great shape that makes for a fun bedroom time


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Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure points, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks by clicking here.

Density:Β Available in 3 densities - Soft, Medium, HardΒ (Please see our firmness pucks in the store.)

Base:Β Rounded flat, sucker compatible

Material:Β Body Safe, Platinum Cure Silicone

Sizes:Β Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

wonderful beast! the head is an extremely interesting feeling and the barbs definitely make themselves known without feeling bad. Guides you very smoothly into the thicker bits. 10/10

What a big boy!!

I bought a very bright and colourful Brutus in a size large, and boy is it large! The larger tip makes for a nice, satisfying β€˜pop’ once it’s in and the length is going to take some training for at such a huge girth πŸ˜…
I went for medium density but probably should’ve gone for soft as it’s firmer than expected, although the firmness is useful when forcing it in as it’s wiggling around a little less than softer toys often do.
Waited quite a while for delivery but what a beautiful beast! πŸ’—

Ginger joe
Very high quality

Just got the large Brutus in! It’s great! Easily the highest quality and smoothest feeling toy I’ve bought

What a beast! Small/Soft Friday 13th

The Friday 13th colours tempted us to another purchase and again the staff at Phreak were so helpful!

Brutus is an incredible beast! The head hits the perfect spot and the girth provides that extra sensation which really hits when the excitement ramps up! From the moment we first tried it we knew this one was a winner.

The small is definitely a good size for us and the ridges on the head add incredible sensations. The base is wide enough that even in soft it feels sturdy and the soft silicone really has a wonderful feel to it. This toy comes highly recommended!