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Toy Care

All our toys are made from platinum cure, body safe silicone. While the silicone we use is very strong it is not indestructible and must be taken care of to ensure a long, and eventful life.

Firstly, silicone toys are completely incompatible with silicone lubricants and we would strongly recommend that no silicone lube comes into contact with any toys. This is due to the nature of silicone as it inherently bonds to itself.

Secondly, silicone doesn’t like to come into contact with anything sharp or abrasive, tears in silicone can facilitate further ripping, reducing the life of your toy and bringing it to an untimely end.

Silicone has been known to be a sensitive material and as such we would recommend that all Phreak toys are stored separately to toys of other, lower quality, materials such as “Jelly.” Silicone has been known to react with these lower quality materials leading to the breakdown of the silicone and other toys as well as stickiness, leaching of colours and other effects. If any undesirable effects are noticed please cease use of the toy and contact us immediately with as much information as possible and we will try to assist to the best of our ability.

Before using any new toys, make sure to thoroughly clean with either soap and warm water or using our very own specialist silicone toy cleaner.Use Only good quality water-based lubricants with your toys.Thoroughly clean any and all toys after use to prevent bacterial build up and to ensure the toy is safe to store. We recommend using a soap and water mixture or our specialist silicone toy cleaner and using a sponge to ensure a thorough clean. For the ultimate convenience all our toys are dishwasher safe! Please remember to thoroughly rinse and dry toys after cleaning.To store your toys we recommend protecting them using ziplock bags, clean and dry towels or one of our satin storage bags to ensure the toys do not come into contact with other lower quality toys, unwanted chemicals or anything abrasive.

Please Note that Crypto-Zoo does not take responsibility for any negligent damage resulting from the disregarding of the instructions provided. We try our best to insure that our toys are of the highest quality and made of only the best materials.

Crypto-Zoo assumes no responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred as a result of any use or reliance upon the information and material contained within this document.

Crypto-Zoo has taken considerable care in preparing the information and materials which is contained within this document. However, Crypto-Zoo is unable to provide any warranty concerning the accuracy or completeness of any information contained within.

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