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  • Super Soft (0020): Ultra-flexible and gentle, perfect for those who prefer minimal resistance.
  • Soft (0035): Comfortably soft with enough structure for a satisfying experience.
  • Medium (A03): A great balance of softness and firm support for versatile use.
  • Firm (A15): Solid and robust, ideal for those seeking intense stimulation.
  • Split Firmness: Combines different firmness levels in one toy for a dynamic experience.
  • Dual Density: Features a firm core with a soft exterior, mimicking the realistic feel of human tissue.

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Guaranteed to make you smile!

Our guarantee is to make you smile. We aim to make amazing toys that put a smile on your face. Not got a smile, get in touch and we'll turn that frown upside down! 😊

Number 3 boasts a long, narrow shaft with a subtly curved tip, designed to caress you gently in all the right places. With a more shallow spiral pattern, this toy would be perfect for the most sensitive of users.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Three is my No.1

I got my Three in large size and medium firmness. The smooth texture of Three is incredibly comfortable, and I enjoy the slightly thicker rounded head. The feel of the silicone is great and the colours of the pour are perfect. I will say that the toy doesn't stand up completely unassisted due to the curve of the shaft, but otherwise this toy is perfect. At a smaller size it would be a great beginner toy!

Cory thompson

I ended up buying 2 of these and don't regret it definitely make play time fun

Cornelius Thompson

High quality materials

#1 #3 fan
I would give it 500 stars if I could

Indescribably good. Human language cannot convey. Obtain this item and put it in every **** you can find.

Life changing ****

Listen. I have spent my entire adult life secure in the knowledge that the best case scenario for being penetrated is that it only hurts a little. After doing extensive research I purchased this toy and I'm writing this review in a state of mild shock to have had an experience of relatively vigorous engagement with it that at no point felt anything less than amazing. The medium density, smooth surface, and gentle curvature came together for penetration genuinely unlike anything I have experienced in twenty years of believing that that kind of **** was something to be endured at best. Words cannot adequately express my delight and whole hearted gratitude to the makers.