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  • Super Soft (0020): Ultra-flexible and gentle, perfect for those who prefer minimal resistance.
  • Soft (0035): Comfortably soft with enough structure for a satisfying experience.
  • Medium (A03): A great balance of softness and firm support for versatile use.
  • Firm (A15): Solid and robust, ideal for those seeking intense stimulation.
  • Split Firmness: Combines different firmness levels in one toy for a dynamic experience.
  • Dual Density: Features a firm core with a soft exterior, mimicking the realistic feel of human tissue.

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- Firmness Options: Soft, Medium, Firm, (Split Firmness and Dual Density Available as custom)
- Anal Safe
- Available Custom Options: Multiple Colour Options, Drip Effect, Glow in the Dark, Integrated Suction Cup, Vac-U-Lock
- Additional Features: Harness compatible, Double Suction cup Compatible, Integrated Suction cup not included.
- Care Instructions: Easy to clean with soap and water, dishwasher safe, boilable.
- Warranty: Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

-Please note: The image shown above is a 3D representation and not a finished product.

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Brutus the Minotaur is a more familiar, yet formidable partner. Half man, half bull, he stands tall and firm with his bulbous shaft that will ensure that satisfying fullness feeling. Brutus is a smooth lover and his beautifully beaded head will caress you to climax in no time. This classic design would be a great addition to any toy-box. Can you take the bull by the horns and ride your way to satisfaction? Brutus really is a legendary lover and is sure to fulfill your every fantastical desire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Absolutely the nicest feeling toy I own. I thought the spiked head might hurt, they're absolute bliss. The only thing I'd do differently next time is get it medium firm or dual density, as I ordered the medium size and is quite fiddly. But when it's in, it's in. Worth the money, if you want a lush feeling monstrous toy in you, but this.


Went soft top hard bottom. Keeps it easy in without falling over. Colour is amazing.


This toy was bigger than I expected. I went for the medium. Did not think I could take it. But after warming up with the Dovah. I was then able to take this. Not all of it but most. The arch hits the sweet spot and feels amazing while also feeling satisfied full.

Great toys, fantastic customer service

Love my beetlejuice Brutus, such a cool design. Very happy with it.
Also have to give huge thumbs up to Jess who helped me on emails. Fantastic customer service

Brutus but gentle

This is a model I highly recommend as an intro toy or to the well experienced- as even if you have untold monsters among your collection none rival the strength of this designs coronal spikes, that lead to an elegantly bold swell, smooth but the ride is amazing!
The spikes are smooth but stand so proud that they create a wonderous sensation when twisted !!!