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Dovah will fulfil your every fantasy and take your very breath away.

Not sure about Firmness? See our video guide


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Dovah is a strong and powerful dragon who rides recklessly on the restless west wind. This enigmatic figure boasts all the strength of the Western Wind Dragon. A bold shaft with detailed ridges, angled for your pleasure, paired beautifully with his sharply tapered head, screams for your pleasure. Not to mention the extra detailing of the beaded studs along his front, elevated veins to the back and expansive knot at the base. Dovah will fulfil your every fantasy and take your very breath away.

Not sure about Firmness? See our video guide

  • Specifications
    • Density: Available in 3 densities : Soft, Medium, Hard and dual density – please see our firmness pucks in the store
    • Base: Rounded flat, sucker compatible
    • Material: Body Safe, Platinum Cure Silicone
    • Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large


Size Guide for Dovah


Xtra-Small Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 159mm/6.26″, Insertable Length: 130mm/5.12″
  • Head Circumference: 95mm/3.74″; Diameter 30.3mm/1.19″
  • Thickest Circumference: 190mm/7.48″ Diameter 60.5mm/2.38″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 146mm/5.81″ Diameter: 47mm/1.85″
  • Base Circumference: 255mm/10.04″ Diameter 81.2mm/3.20″

Small Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 191mm/7.52″, Insertable Length: 160mm/6.30″
  • Head Circumference: 105mm/4.13″; Diameter 33.4mm/1.32″
  • Thickest Circumference: 225mm/8.86″ Diameter 75mm/2.95″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 176mm/6.92″ Diameter: 56mm/2.2″
  • Base Circumference: 305mm/12.01″ Diameter 97.1mm/3.82″


Medium Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 229mm/9.02″, Insertable Length: 195mm/7.68″
  • Head Circumference: 130mm/5.12″; Diameter 41.4mm/1.63″
  • Thickest Circumference: 270mm/10.63″ Diameter 90mm/3.54″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 214mm/8.41″ Diameter: 68mm/2.68″
  • Base Circumference: 365mm/14.34″ Diameter 116.2mm/4.58″


Large Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 279mm/10.98″, Insertable Length: 240mm/9.45″
  • Head Circumference: 152mm/5.98″; Diameter 48.4mm/1.91″
  • Thickest Circumference: 330mm/12.99″ Diameter 105mm/4.13″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 257mm/10.14″ Diameter: 82mm/2.23″
  • Base Circumference: 445mm/17.52″ Diameter 414.7mm/5.58″


Trophy Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 323mm/12.72″, Insertable Length: 270mm/10.63″
  • Head Circumference: 171mm/6.73″; Diameter 54.5mm/2.14″
  • Thickest Circumference: 380mm/14.96″ Diameter 121mm/4.76″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 301mm/11.87″ Diameter: 96mm/3.78″
  • Base Circumference: 515mm/20.28″ Diameter 164mm/6.46″


Goliath Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 365mm/14.4″, Insertable Length: 310mm/12.21″
  • Head Circumference: 237mm/7.32″ Diameter: 75mm/3″
  • Thickest Circumference: 742mm/18.58″ Diameter: 150mm/5.92″
  • Thickest Shaft Circumference: 345mm/12.57″ Diameter: 110mm/4.32″
  • Base Circumference: 601mm/23.65″ Diameter: 191mm/7.53″

Firmness Guide

Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure point, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks here

Additional information

Weight N/A

Extra Small (16cm/6.2"), Small (19cm/7.5"), Medium (23cm/9"), Large (28cm/11"), Trophy (32cm/13"), Goliath (37cm/14.5")

26 reviews for Dovah

  1. Morgana

    Thoroughly enjoying Dovah. Makes me feel like a real dragon rider and looks pretty enough to have on display (depending on your company).

  2. Minxx

    Phreak doesn’t mess about! “Dovah” is everything I hoped it would be. I only just found out about this company, but I am sold! Defintley going to buy another in the future.

  3. perkyred

    i have bought from other brands before, but decided to give phreak a shot after finding them online. very happy that i did cause the toys are incredible. i have this one and lenea and both have left me in pieces. love the colors and all the little ridges and bumps.

  4. Cosey-babi

    Was a little nervous to try it when it arrived, as this is the first kind of these alternative designs I have tried. I bought the small one and went for hard firmness and I can happily say that I am a fan! I love the bumps and grooves. They give a completely different feeling and I like it. Very happy with my purchase :).

  5. piercedlove

    Dovah is…AMAZING😍
    I own a large in firm and I’m very pleased with it. The colours & design are beautiful. It’s by far the most fun I’ve ever had with a toy. 10/10❤️

  6. Itsallmebaby

    Obtained a large Dovah and my god. After my first night with it I was left quivering on the floor to the sound of shine on you crazy diamond. Justify it anyway you have to and go for it.

  7. Sam

    This Dovah toy is amazing! It’s one of my favourites, it’s my new go to toy 🙂 15/10!

  8. ailsa_lavida (verified owner)

    Okay where to even start, Phreak are super customer focused and aim to help you achieve the toy of your dreams. They certainly did this for me with my custom medium sizr, medium firm Dovah. It’s such a statement piece, I bought a display cabinet for it to show it off at all times. It’s made of quality silicone and it’s just F-ing stunning. Now let’s talk the feel, the ribbing on the shaft makes for a really intense heightened sensation that is unlike any other toy in my opinion. This makes for really insane orgasms, multiple if you’re like me. Do yourself a favour and get a Dovah, you won’t regret it.

  9. georgiahawcroft

    Got a few Dovahs in a variety of sizes and firmnesses. Personally a medium small is my favourite. Super well made made and so perfect. 10/10

  10. georgiahawcroft

    Nothing like anything else out there. So personal to your wants and needs, incredibly customer service and get any custom request 100% what you ask for. Definitely order from them

  11. georgie_higgo

    this is my first phreak toy and i am amazed! i chose to get the ‘easter’ colours and they are incredibly pretty! the quality of my dovah is out of this world and let me tell you about the feel of it, well the ribbing on the shaft gave me the most incredibly sensation. this is definitely my favourite first phreak toy, and certainly won’t be the only one. about to place order number two💖

  12. lauren.anderton91

    Dovah is my favourite, the shaft feels incredible. The suction cup makes it easy to have fun in the bath or shower.

  13. AchilleLeCrocodile

    An incredible toy.
    I have the small size, I took it for this unique design with this interesting texture. The use validates the idea that one has of it, the stimulations are present!
    It makes you want to have other sizes.

  14. Jimbob13

    Dovah was my first Phreak Club toy and boy what an introduction it was! The texture of the shaft is incredible and the high quality material is what has made me keep coming back. The only way this toy could be better is if the knot was functional. Gorgeous toy!

  15. fitzge43

    I have two dovahs. One in the large size and one in trophy. Dovah is by far my favorite textured toy with the ridges. My large was custom blue and pink and arrived faster than most customs. My noble an inventory drop toy and the UV and GITD on him were unexpected gorgeous surprises. Both are at the center of my collection!

  16. stormeason04

    I absolutely adore Dovah! It is such an amazing toy and definitely hits the right spots!
    It also look amazing on camera, which is great for my subscribers 😉
    – inkedbaby

  17. BustySwinger (verified owner)

    Wow what a toy, recently purchased in xs s and m, awaiting delivery of the large and trophy, my personal fave.

  18. Severine Dragon

    This toy is amazing!
    I have the Dovah in an extra small & in a few colours
    The texture hits the right spots and the glow in the dark adds an exciting affect with black light

  19. Spoodle

    My dovah got held in post jail for weeks, no fault of Phreak’s of course, but was more than worth waiting for! Was shipped out fast and arrived safely. It has a really interesting texture to the shaft with the ‘scales’ and with mine having a firm core, it packs a punch! I doubt any size above small can be taken to the base sadly (unless you’re a true expert with knots!) but the rest makes up for it and more! Plus I love the squishy texture of the tip, AND mine glows in the dark! One of the best toys I own, and definitely my favourite company. Would highly recommend!

  20. spicyath

    I’m lucky enough to own two stunning glow-in-the-dark Dovahs (an XS and an S) and I adore them. Not only are they great fun toys, they’re absolutely beautiful; I have the S on display, and I’d have both out if I could!

  21. amy

    The Dovah was my first phreak toy and I love it! I went for surprise colours and wasn’t disappointed at all. If feels great and it’s sexy to look at! Get a dovah! Highly recommend 🙂

  22. g_jadexo

    My favourite phreak club toy! The ridges are incredible and the quality is amazing, I have it in size small and wanting the next size up 😍

  23. ml.mayes

    First ever Phreak toy so was super excited to try it, and Dovah definitely did not disappoint 😍
    Already placed a further order to try different toys!

  24. corengaw (verified owner)

    I loooove the Dovah. I have two. A medium/medium and a large/soft. Let me tell you, this toy is amazing! The texture, the size, the colors! I just love Phreak. Their toys are something different! (And I own 8 Phreak toys, with two more on the way. This should speak for itself) These pronounced ridges and bumps on Dovah feel amazing, especially for someone like me, who loooves texture. I have a really big silicone toy collection, but these two Dovahs are definietely favorites! Especially the large one! I only got it recently from a drop of theirs. I saw the sneak peek on instagram a few days before and fell in love with this pour! I need to order more toys of theirs with that pour!
    Anyway, if you love texture and girth (at least you have girth in the larger models) do yourself a favor and buy one!! You won’t regret it, I’m sure.
    Another plus: Phreak sends the best packages! The gift wrap option aside (which I can really recommend) they put so much thought in it. Starting from the coloful filling stuff to the complimentary sweets…It’s always such a highlight to receive an order. Honestly, my favorite so far!

  25. caseylexyy (verified owner)

    Best toy I’ve ever tried, both myself and my partner love it. Silicone is so silky. We love it. Hope to see this as a packer someday

  26. jasminesims1999 (verified owner)

    My first ever purchase from Phreak and choosing the Dovah did not disappoint! The soft version is amazing, combined with the silicone just makes it feel that extra bit more luxurious! Beautifully finished and no loose ends! The ribbed shaft adds to the sensation even more. Will definitely be coming back to get something else. 10 out of 10!!!

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