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Brutus the Minotaur is a more familiar, yet formidable partner.

Not sure about Firmness? See our video guide

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Brutus the Minotaur is a more familiar, yet formidable partner. Half man, half bull, he stands tall and firm with his bulbous shaft that will ensure that satisfying fullness feeling. Brutus is a smooth lover and his beautifully beaded head will caress you to climax in no time. This classic design would be a great addition to any toy-box. Can you take the bull by the horns and ride your way to satisfaction? Brutus really is a legendary lover and is sure to fulfil your every fantastical desire.

Not sure about Firmness? See our video guide


  • Density: Available in 3 densities : Soft, Medium and Hard – please see our firmness pucks in the store
  • Base: Rounded flat, sucker compatible
  • Material: Medical grade Phthalate/BPA Free Silicone
  • Colouring: Available in Yellow, Pink, Marbled, Yellow to Pink Fade and Pink to Yellow Fade
  • Sizes: Small, Medium and Large (XS and XL to follow shortly)

Size Guide for Brutus

Xtra-Small Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 137mm/5.39″, Insertable Length: 110mm/4.33″
  • Head Circumference: 115mm/4.53″; Diameter 36.6mm/1.44″
  • Thickest Circumference: 135mm/5.31″ Diameter 43mm/1.69″
  • Base Diameter 85mm/3.35″


Small Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 178mm/7.01″, Insertable Length: 140mm/5.51″
  • Head Circumference: 155mm/6.10″; Diameter 49.4mm/1.94″
  • Thickest Circumference: 180mm/7.09″ Diameter 57.3mm/2.26″
  • Base Diameter 105mm/4.13″


Medium Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 229mm/9.02″, Insertable Length: 195mm/7.68″
  • Head Circumference: 200mm/7.87″; Diameter 63.7mm/2.51″
  • Thickest Circumference: 230mm/9.06″ Diameter 73.2mm/2.88″
  • Base Diameter 135mm/5.31″


Large Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 289mm/11.38″, Insertable Length: 235mm/9.25″
  • Head Circumference: 255mm/10.04″; Diameter 81.2mm/3.20″
  • Thickest Circumference: 290mm/11.42″ Diameter 92.4mm/3.64″
  • Base Diameter 165mm/6.50″


Trophy Dimensions:

  • Total Length: 342mm/13.50″, Insertable Length: 285mm/11.22″
  • Head Circumference: 305mm/12.01″; Diameter 97mm/3.82″
  • Thickest Circumference: 340mm/13.39″ Diameter 108.3mm/4.26″
  • Base Diameter 195mm/7.68″

Firmness Guide

Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure point, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks here

Additional information


Extra Small (14cm/5.4"), Small (18cm/7"), Medium (23cm/9"), Large (29cm/11.4"), Trophy (34cm/13.5")


Soft, Medium, Firm, Soft Shaft, Firm Base (+£5), Medium Shaft, Firm Base (+£5)


Yellow, Pink, Marbled (+£5), Fade Pink to Yellow (+£5), Fade Yellow to Pink (+£5), Phreaky! (Surprise Me!)

7 reviews for Brutus

  1. Circusbaby

    Looks amazing and fantastic build quality. Highly recommend.

  2. NatalieMxmx

    Found these through Instagram. Brutus instantly caught my attention. The colour is soo cute, and the head feels unlike anything else I have ever tried before ;). Love this thing to death.

  3. Emilify

    Jesus, this thing is huge. Argued with myself on what size to go for and eventually decided on Large. Thank god I didn’t do bigger, I dont think I could have handled it haha. Soft and smooth, feels incredible inside and out 🙂

  4. Debra

    I thought I would try to spice up the bedroom for my husband and I during these trying times. Having never tried anything like this before I went for a more “regular” design just to test the water. Well I must say I wish I had experimented years ago because Brutus has brought so much fun to our nights.

    ***** 5 stars

  5. Foodintheshower

    Exactly what I have been looking for. All the other toys like this were never from the UK. Looking forward to what else you guys are planning 😉

  6. Lewis (verified owner)

    Ordered and XL firm base medium shaft. This thing is huge! Incredibly well made and designed. The detail on the toy is considered and executed to a very high standard. It’s great there is a UK based maker of fantasy toys, will be ordering again soon. Can’t rate Phreak Club enough.

  7. Sam

    100% Recommend Brutus! It’s so different to anything I’ve tried, I have the medium soft, and it’s sooooo good! It looks quite scary when it first arrives, I’m pretty sure I laughed out loud when I saw it in person, but my god.. buy it 😉

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