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Banana Firmness

Banana Signature Colours

  • 2 Marble 5

Custom Colours

  • Pink 1
    Pink 2
    Magenta 1
    Purple 1
    Purple 2
    Blue 1
    Green 1
    Orange 1
    Orange 2
    Yellow 1
    Yellow 2
    Grey 2
    Grey 3
    Grey 4
  • Bubblegum Marble
    Fruit Salad Marbke
    Lenea Green and Dark Purple
    Apple Sour Marble
    Lemon Refresher Marble
    Orange and Dark Purple
    Turquoise and Dovah Pink
    Mint Orange Marble
    Black & White Marble
  • Mint/Blue/Pink
    Dutch Purple/Dovah Pink/ Brutus Orange
    Brutus Pink/Purple/Brutus Orange
    Turquoise/Yellow/Dovah Pink
  • Dovah Pink to Mint
    Mint to Dovah Pink
    Brutus pink to Orange
    Brutus Orange to Pink
    Dark Purple to Green
    Green to Dark Purple
    Dutch Purple to Brutus Pink
    Orange 1 to Orange 2
    Turquoise to Green
  • Pride Flag
    Trans Flag
    Flag 3
    Non Binary Flag
    Pansexual Flag
    Lesbian Flag
    Flag 7
    Bisexual Flag
    Asexual Flag


  • If you would like options not available, please contact

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Additional information

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Small (175mm Long, 119mm Circ), Medium (212mm long, 145mm Circ), Large (250mm long, 176mm Circ)

10 reviews for Banana

  1. georgiahawcroft

    Have around 6 bananas, love them. 10/10 in love

  2. Jimbob13

    I got Banana as more of a novelty toy and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I’ve used and enjoyed it. The silicone is very high quality and feels incredible. The curve of the Banana is great for g spot stimulation. I ordered the small Banana in the soft firmness and I recommend that combination for anyone new to sex toys. A fantastic option for beginners as well as the more experienced!

  3. Ribasu

    Love the way the pour looks, the smooth texture is great and overall a great toy. Good for a stress toy too.

  4. stormeason04

    The banana was one of the first ever toys I bought from phreak club and I have to say, I absolutely love it! It’s super smooth and easy to use and definitely feels great too! I love how different it is to your average toy!
    – inkedbaby

  5. beccaemilyconnelly15

    I love this! The Banana is my first Phreak toy and I will definitely buy again 😍 beautifully poured (I chose Phreaky and it came blue and white!) really well made and packaged discreetly and echo-friendly. The free minis and sweets were a super cute addition too – all round fantastic service and product. It does the job its intended for too (wink wink!)

  6. Severine Dragon

    I love this toy!
    I have a couple of these, one glow in the dark banana
    & also the Valentine special edition and in different firmness
    Great fun!

  7. Spoodle

    Got my banana in ace pride colours as a desk fidget. Custom ordering was really pleasant and turned out amazing, fantastic results and great texture; really squishy and stretchy! I imagine it’d feel good up your backside too but can’t personally attest ^^;

    0/10 crap for banana splits :c
    but for everything else 10/10 would banan again!

  8. amy (verified owner)

    I couldn’t remember what colour I ordered in the banana so it was a pleasant surprise when I received it! This one is so fun and you can you’ve had one of your five a day 😀

  9. Foxyginge

    My blue and pink glow in the dark banana is probably my favourite ever toy, i love it xx

  10. BustySwinger

    I have the Easter edition banana colours are amazing! Definitely hits all the right spots!

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