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Straight from the operating room table, we’ve taken Lenea, Dovah, Brutus, Shen, and done the unthinkable… we melded their DNA and created a monster!
This abomination looks like something out of an old Cronenberg horror flick. We’re calling it “Splicer”, and it’s an unholy alliance between some of our baddest models, ripped from our dungeon strictly for your enjoyment and pleasure!
Splicer looks frightening, but he will bow to you if you exert your command over him.
Our most vile creation yet, this dirty little secret is guaranteed to make you scream with delight!"

Extra Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 14.3cm/5.6″
Useable Length: 10.4cm/4.1″
Thickest Circumference: 15.2cm/5.9″
Thickest Diameter: 4.8cm/1.9″
Base Diameter: 8.8cm/3.5″

Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 19.1cm/7.5″
Useable Length: 13.9cm/5.5″
Thickest Circumference: 20.4cm/8.0″
Thickest Diameter: 6.5cm/2.6″
Base Diameter: 11.8cm/4.6″

Medium Dimensions:

Total Length: 22.9cm/9″
Useable Length: 16.5cm/6.5″
Thickest Circumference: 24.2cm/9.5″
Thickest Diameter: 7.7cm/3.0″
Base Diameter: 14.1cm/5.6″

Large Dimensions:

Total Length: 27.9cm/11.0″
Useable Length: 20.3cm/8.0″
Thickest Circumference: 29.5cm/11.6″
Thickest Diameter: 9.4cm/3.7″
Base Diameter: 17.2cm/6.8″

Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure points, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks by clicking here.

Bundle Includes:

1x Splicer Toy, 1x assorted minis, 1x Candy Skull Squish, 1x Halloween Storage Bag, 1x Halloween Felt, Sweets

Density: Available in 3 densities : Soft, Medium and Hard – please see our firmness pucks in the store

Base: Rounded flat, sucker compatible

Material: Body Safe, Platinum Cure Silicone

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Ordered the Halloween Splicer Bundle and was EXTREMELY happy with my new toy and added gifts in the bundle. All items were high quality, my Splicer exceeded my's literally perfect.

Another perfect toy from this company!!

Splicer large!

Absolutely stunning design , looks great! I got a flop firm base soft shaft and it’s beyond belief beautiful in Halloween colours , surprise bonus gitd !!! Always great quality and packaged lovely Thank you again phreak

Another Gem!

The toy is amazing! My fans love it and I may even use it for personal use the bumps and ridges hit perfectly! Shipping may take a while especially if you order in the US. But it's always a fun day when it comes in! The minis are cute too, I use them to decorate the bookshelf!

Rebecca Harrow
Toy is amazing, shipping... not so good.

From ordering to actual dispatch was sadly not a great experience. Messages had been replied to, but still not satisfactory in my eyes. Customers should be notified if there is a delay. The toy itself, was amazing when it had finally arrived! My fans love it too. It is now one of my personal favourites. I wouldn't plan your work/date night around items you may order, just in case. Lesson learnt the hard way =(