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Dovah is a strong and powerful dragon who rides recklessly on the restless west wind. This enigmatic figure boasts all the strength of the Western Wind Dragon. A bold shaft with detailed ridges, angled for your pleasure, paired beautifully with his sharply tapered head, screams for your pleasure. Not to mention the extra detailing of the beaded studs along his front, elevated veins to the back and expansive knot at the base. Dovah will fulfil your every fantasy and take your very breath away.

Temporarily available in Beetlejuice colours!

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This product is made to order so can take up to 4 weeks for manufacturing.

Extra Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 15.9cm/6.26″
Insertable Length: 13cm/5.12″
Head Circumference: 9.5cm/3.74″
Diameter: 3.3cm/1.19″
Thickest Circumference: 19cm/7.48″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 14.6cm/5.81″
Diameter: 4.7cm/1.85″
Base Circumference: 25.5cm/10.04″
Diameter: 8.12cm/3.20″

Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 19.1cm/7.52″
Insertable Length: 16cm/6.30″
Head Circumference: 10.5cm/4.13″
Diameter: 0.334cm/1.32″
Knot Circumference: 22.5cm/8.86″
Diameter: 7.5cm/2.95″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 17.6cm/6.92″
Base Circumference: 30.5cm/12.01″
Diameter: 9.71cm/3.82″

Medium Dimensions:

Total Length: 22.9cm/9.02″
Insertable Length: 19.5cm/7.68″
Head Circumference: 13cm/5.12″
Diameter: 4.14cm/1.63″
Knot Circumference: 27cm/10.63″
Diameter: 9cm/3.54″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 2.14cm/8.41″
Base Circumference: 36.5cm/14.34″
Diameter: 11.62cm/4.58″

Large Dimensions:

Total Length: 27.9cm/10.98″
Insertable Length: 24cm/9.45″
Head Circumference: 15.2cm/5.98″
Diameter: 4.84cm/1.91″
Knot Circumference: 33cm/12.99″
Diameter: 10.5cm/4.13″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 25.7cm/10.14″
Base Circumference: 44.5cm/17.52″
Diameter: 14.17cm/5.58″

Trophy Dimensions:

Total Length: 32.3cm/12.72″
Insertable Length: 27cm/10.63″
Head Circumference: 17.1cm/6.73″
Diameter: 5.45cm/2.14″
Knot Circumference: 38cm/14.96″
Diameter: 12.1cm/4.76″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 30.1cm/11.87″
Base Circumference: 51.5cm/20.28″
Diameter: 16.4cm/6.46″

Goliath Dimensions:

Total Length: 36.5cm/14.4″
Insertable Length: 31cm/12.21″
Head Circumference: 23.7cm/7.32″
Diameter: 7.5cm/3″
Knot Circumference: 74.2cm/18.58″
Diameter: 15cm/5.92″
Thickest Shaft Circumference: 34.5cm/12.57″
Base Circumference: 60.1cm/23.65″
Diameter: 19.1cm/7.53″

Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure points, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks by clicking here.

Density: Available in 3 densities : Soft, Medium, Hard and dual density – please see our firmness pucks in the store.

Base: Rounded flat, sucker compatible

Material: Body Safe, Platinum Cure Silicone

Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Best toy I’ve ever tried, both myself and my partner love it. Silicone is so silky. We love it. Hope to see this as a packer someday


My first ever purchase from Phreak and choosing the Dovah did not disappoint! The soft version is amazing, combined with the silicone just makes it feel that extra bit more luxurious! Beautifully finished and no loose ends! The ribbed shaft adds to the sensation even more. Will definitely be coming back to get something else. 10 out of 10!!!

Cale Smith
First time buyer

As a first-time buyer from Phreak, I was skeptical about the price/quality leading to buyer's remorse. I initially canceled my order. I decided to continue anyway and let me tell you, this toy is EXCEPTIONAL. The quality, attention to detail, and build of my Dovah is perfect. I have a medium, dual density (worth the upcharge). Was nervous about the sizing and the medium is just enough bigger than my other toys to really induce a good time. The soft on the outside is incredibly soft and had minimal discomfort (especially the back of house). This toy is intimidating and does take some practice but after a couple tries, I managed to be able to experience the entire wrath of my Dovah. To top it off, the employee Jess gave exceptional customer service helping answer any and every question I had while waiting for it to ship to the USA. If this company could get 6 stars it would. Don’t waste your money anywhere else!!!