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Brutus the Minotaur is a more familiar, yet formidable partner. Half man, half bull, he stands tall and firm with his bulbous shaft that will ensure that satisfying fullness feeling. Brutus is a smooth lover and his beautifully beaded head will caress you to climax in no time. This classic design would be a great addition to any toy-box. Can you take the bull by the horns and ride your way to satisfaction? Brutus really is a legendary lover and is sure to fulfil your every fantastical desire.

Temporarily available in Beetlejuice colours!

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This product is made to order so can take up to 4 weeks for manufacturing.

Extra Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 13.7cm/5.39″
Insertable Length: 11cm/4.33″
Head Circumference: 11.5cm/4.53″
Diameter: 3.66cm/1.44″
Thickest Circumference: 13.5cm/5.31″
Diameter: 4.3cm/1.69″
Base Diameter: 8.5cm/3.35″

Small Dimensions:

Total Length: 17.8cm/7.01″
Insertable Length: 14cm/5.51″
Head Circumference: 15.5cm/6.10″
Diameter: 4.94cm/1.94″
Thickest Circumference: 18cm/7.09″
Diameter: 5.73cm/2.26″
Base Diameter: 10.5cm/4.13″

Medium Dimensions:

Total Length: 22.9cm/9.02″
Insertable Length: 19.5cm/7.68″
Head Circumference: 20cm/7.87″
Diameter: 6.37cm/2.51″
Thickest Circumference: 23cm/9.06″
Diameter: 7.32cm/2.88″
Base Diameter: 13.5cm/5.31″

Large Dimensions:

Total Length: 28.9cm/11.38″
Insertable Length: 23.5cm/9.25″
Head Circumference: 25.5cm/10.04″
Diameter: 8.12cm/3.20″
Thickest Circumference: 29cm/11.42″
Diameter: 9.24cm/3.64″
Base Diameter: 16.5cm/6.50″

Trophy Dimensions:

Total Length: 34.2cm/13.50″
Insertable Length: 28.5cm/11.22″
Head Circumference: 30.5cm/12.01″
Diameter: 9.7cm/3.82″
Thickest Circumference: 34cm/13.39″
Diameter: 10.83cm/4.26″
Base Diameter: 19.5cm/7.68″

Goliath Dimensions:

Total Length: 39.5cm/15.55″
Insertable Length: 303cm/11.9”
Head Circumference: 37.5cm/14.8″
Diameter: 124mm/4.88”
Thickest Circumference: 440cm/17.3”
Diameter: 146cm/5.8”
Base Diameter: 226cm/8.9”

Phreak dildos are available in 3 densities, from soft and squishy shore 0040-0050 and medium shore A04-06, to a firm shore A13-17. Generally the larger toys are recommended with softer silicone, whereas our more slender toys, or toys designed for specific pressure points, are more useful with a firmer silicone. See our firmness pucks by clicking here.

Density: Available in 3 densities : Soft, Medium and Hard – please see our firmness pucks in the store

Base: Rounded flat, sucker compatible

Material: Body Safe, Platinum Cure Silicone

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gros taureau Goliath

Je suis heureuse très bien fabriqué bonne qualité j’ai pris Brutus Goliath très énorme !


Brutus arrived today and he’s amazing. I got the small size with phreaky (random) colour scheme, in the firm base and soft body option. I’m still experimenting and wanted something a bit bigger than anything I’ve used before. I took my time getting to know Brutus but it paid off. He’s very filling and the spikes are a new sensation for me which I really enjoyed. Can’t recommend enough!


the colour contrast (singnature pink/yellow blotches)
is outstanding among the toys we own
the small in med firmness is really squishy but feels firm and has enough pressure without being too rigid , i feel the size small is perfect , that head design caught my eye , i usually avoid standard looking more realistic toys as i love the textures really , but this one i had to have , and im so glad i did – i added suction cup , its super strong and requires wrestling to remove ! absoloutely worth it buy one – any size you want just buy one ! youll probably end up buying the other sizes in mix of firmness and colours any way