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Small Fenyx soft

Swiped this one in the sale! Smaller shaft is best ordered in medium firm imo,it’s not too imposing for the inexperienced ,and the main shaft is a great size nicely prominent texture thanks for another amazing order !

Conquering mountains!

I saw this launch,my heart stopped and I thought I can’t live without it so we ordered a medium,firmbase soft shaft in the signature winter blue colours in of course GITD, I’m impressed initially at the size and the metallic effect in places really make it magical and wintery, the shaft is completely adorned with texture and snowflakes!!! I recommend buying before it goes as it’s too good to miss!

Feeling a lil corny

Very happy with this for its textures and the size (medium) is a generous corn! looks lovely and fresh among my collection got in apple sour GITD soft shaft firm base, to make the “handle” easier to control,thank you again for superb quality really the best

Fantastic custom

Ordered medium in a custom firmness and colours,and it is GITD! (Right hand of image as you look at it)
Phreaks customer service has been great regarding this particular item. Listened to my requests and have executed it well, thank you for such amazing quality! Really happy with the design as it’s textured on both shafts and good proportions to each other.

Bubbles Stroker
Heather Page

Bubbles Stroker

Cute and fun

Ordered in an XS because I'm still new/training but the size was still intimidating to me!!
If you're a newbie to butt fun, definitely get an XS!!! Although the size intimidated me, with a lot of lube and determination, I made it work! and boy was it worth it!! Such a cute plug and such a great price for it too


The bumps and ridges on this toy work really well. Not only does insertion feel good, but grinding up against it does too!
I ordered classic colours in a size small and for me, it is the perfect size!

LOVE !!!!!

Ordered in a small, and my GOD it was amazing !!!! you can feel every ridge, bump, and spike.. and they really do hit all the best places

Absolutely stunning

Love this design , truly the best so far love the squishy firmness and the base is firm so it’s more stable in use on a mattress for example, always excellent quality thank you again

Dutch, Small, Medium
Her new favourite

As the title says, we got a beautiful set of colours and it's now her go to, allegedly the suckers are "the best"

Quirky extra

Got them to tip me over into free shipping, now the SO walks around with it proudly on her car keys!

So good

I got one in small and soft, and it’s so nice and squishy. I see was a bit concerned about the size of the head, but since it’s so soft, it goes in alright. Compared to Vixen, the vixskin is a tiny bit softer in the head(before the core). But I prefer the single density softness of the Phreak!

Small and soft

I got one in small and soft, and it’s so nice and squishy. I was a bit concerned about the size of the head, but since it’s so soft, it goes in alright. Compared to Vixen, the vixskin is a tiny bit softer in the head(before the core). But I prefer the single density softness of the Phreak!
Only change I would like, is to have a bit wider base, just so it would feel more secure.

Dutch, Medium, Soft - Does not stand independently
Donnie Torok
Very special toy 😊

Wow! I use this Dutch for anal stimulation. I originally thought that the size would feel about the same as a small hand. But it is completely different. All of the suckers continually massaging through your hole while the bulbous center stretches is a mind-blowing feeling. This is my current go-to toy. Very glad I purchased. Thank you.

Splicer Halloween Bundle

Ordered the Halloween Splicer Bundle and was EXTREMELY happy with my new toy and added gifts in the bundle. All items were high quality, my Splicer exceeded my's literally perfect.

Another perfect toy from this company!!

Elizabeth mills
The perfect carrot 🥕

Feels great looks great it’s perfect

Bryce Wickline
Lenea was amazing!

We got lenea in lucky dip and it came out perfect! Shape and size was just right and hits all the right spots when using it. Definitely a favorite in our collection now!

Splicer Halloween Bundle
Splicer large!

Absolutely stunning design , looks great! I got a flop firm base soft shaft and it’s beyond belief beautiful in Halloween colours , surprise bonus gitd !!! Always great quality and packaged lovely Thank you again phreak


Ordered this toy as a presto myself and oh my word it's amazing absolutely brilliant toy would 100% recommend to everyone and I have

Let the DP action begin!

When looking for double-shafted toys, some toys shafts have a gap between them, so they are likely intended to please two holes. While this toy can do the same, it’s also perfectly suited for having solo-hole fun: The two shafts combined make for one girthier shaft once you’re ready to take it. I bought it in 'soft' firmness but should’ve chosen medium, because the secondary shaft is a bit thin, so that riding isn’t possible.

Lenea the Chicken

Dunno why but looking at Lenea I see a frozen chicken body :D I ordered it in Trophy size to have a training tool – and boy, this thing delivers! Its soft and smooth, so smooth that you can’t really feel the ridges at the front top side. But you feel the "tubes" that coil up the shaft, and that’s why this toy feels amazing. Highly recommended!

Splicer Halloween Bundle
Another Gem!

The toy is amazing! My fans love it and I may even use it for personal use the bumps and ridges hit perfectly! Shipping may take a while especially if you order in the US. But it's always a fun day when it comes in! The minis are cute too, I use them to decorate the bookshelf!

Splicer Halloween Bundle
Rebecca Harrow
Toy is amazing, shipping... not so good.

From ordering to actual dispatch was sadly not a great experience. Messages had been replied to, but still not satisfactory in my eyes. Customers should be notified if there is a delay. The toy itself, was amazing when it had finally arrived! My fans love it too. It is now one of my personal favourites. I wouldn't plan your work/date night around items you may order, just in case. Lesson learnt the hard way =(

Perfect Starter

Purchased This for my partner just has a gag purchase

but turns out she loves it

Highly recommend it for anyone

Purchased to others just off the quality of this product

Bubbles Stroker
Tattoo Deer
Husband loves it.

Bought this for my husband and he really enjoys it. Great quality, and a lovely texture too. There’s no rough edges in sight, unlike some that we’ve bought previously from other sites.